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Default Re: PlanetSide for FREE


PlanetSide for FREE

No thanks.
After Ruining the game ,what could have been an awesome TRibes games. with excelent MOd community support. They dediced to follow the model of WOW or EQ2.Now they are giving it for free , a game that have zero future.. since wil not receive support from the developers ,neither from the community.

THis is aperfect example why MMORPG games are a bad thing for the industry.Its more the damage they do ,than the benefits to the industry averall .BEcause if the best PC games move in that direction , the majority will have a similar destiny like planetside.Since is not easy to compete with the major ones and There is not enough room online for too many Pay2Play MMORPGS to compete and get enough money back. This is what? the third online-only game that its future is dead and is free? in a year from now must likely they will shot down their servers.. all those years of development in the trash can, since the game could not be played in any other way than online with private servers.

If guildwars have show us something is that it can be done to have online only games (albeit less Massive MP) for free with non stop development.

EQ2 and WOW can be awesome games ,but it sucess doesnt comes for free , many games with great potentials and next gen graphics will end like planetsite trying to compete.

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