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Unhappy Well... it's not working

I did as you told me but it didn't work...
when I edit the XF86Config-4.. in the modules section i only have Load "dri"
and Load "lt4 (or something, don't know what it was)
so i put Load "glx" there in top of the other lines

and under the device section it says

identifier "Generic VGA"
driver "vga"

i can't see any driver "nv"
well.. so i tried change the driver "vga" to driver "nvidia", exited from su and started X

and the x wouldn't load.. i came so far that i saw a grey background and the cursor
and nothing more happened... i just sat there.. moving my cursor around on a grey background...
i had to do a reset on my computer and reboot..

so now i can't even start up X with the Generic drivers

any suggestions?
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