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Default Re: PlanetSide for FREE

First how was this suppose to be a tribes game since well it has NOTHING to do with tribes. The reason it was an MMO and not a normal game was do to the nature of the combat and world. You cant have a non MMO being persistent and hack free.

GW is a very small game and very limited. Plus it nowhere as near as deep as good MMO. Guess what your going to have to pay for every expantion for GW, nothing for free while in EQ and WoW they have been getting tons of content for free regularly.

Planetside isn't dying, they are going free to gain more people but it will be around for awhile since whats left of the community is pretty strong. They also are trying a new method to see if ingame ads can mantain it. You used the example that free means the MMO is dying, well then Anarchy Online should have died over a year ago but its still free and going pretty strong. DOAC has less players then it and isn't free...

MMOs are IMO more enjoyable then most PC games since they are constantly evolving and can bring you challanges that other games cant.
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