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Default Re: Crazy green underlined words

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Ok I got it... thanks ninja
Here are the 2 I added to my adblock list, and these work:
thx for the heads up. I started noticing them sometime back, and not just on this forum... But all around the same time, it started appearing on many different sites, as if over night...

Yeah it was a tad annoying at first, albeit I ignore it more now. Still, being able to block it is nice...

And no, I don't click on them. I think I had only done so once, not because I was interested in what it was, but because I was wondering "what the hell is this thing". I was on a school lab computer at the time, so if it was something nasty, well my PC would have been OK... Close to the end of semester, they format all those things and ghost a new image over anyhow...

Beyond that, no I have neither the interest or the intent on clicking on them links, as they appear in any site. At first, I thought it was some stupid update to IE or the like, which in addition to adding some new security fix, popped this in the code I then saw it at home on Mozilla too, so scratch that idea.
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