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Talking Re: Given up on volt modden- 6800gs any suggestions

-hmm idk i noticed a conciderable difference in artifacts when i went to 1.4 from 1.37, i used nbitor and the flashed were fine
-by bios you meen video card not my motherboard bios
-also some things are weird with nvidia if you try to overclock in 2d mode in rivera tuner, or when i did, i couldnet get over 480 overl**** it would freeze, flahsing bios again fixed it, so maybe its not upping my voltage enought idk, but as far as overcloking i cant run at 550 core just get pritty artifacts
-are you using air coolign, i have the old bios save but that wont let me get over 507
-i wonder if its just the car or a bab driver somewhere, the first test in 3dmark05 runs with a few artifacts but the 2nd one goes crazy
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