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Default N6600LE and widescreen?

Hello to all. I finally gave up trying to make y old ATI Radeon 9200 work on Linux for OpenGL and 3D, so I bought a brand new ASUS/NVidia N6600LE and installed it. Still took a little more than an hour to set-up with the drivers and all because I am not very expiremented with Linux yet; but at least, now it's looking much better.

I also bought a new monitor : LCD Acer 19" widescreen (AL1916W).

Now they tell me that the best resolution for this monitor is 1440x900, but it's not lister as available after installing the NVidia drivers. Actually, the only driver available in the dropdown is still Vesa...

At the moment I am using 1280x960 - kind of ok, but still not perfect - icons still look a little stretched.

Any help?

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