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Default Re: PlanetSide for FREE

Its pointless discussing with people that cant see beyond
their level 60 characters in their games. The issue is not about whether or not they are fun ,because thats merely subjective ,for example i knew many people in GUildwars (WOW/EQ2 players) that liked almost every thing in GW alot more than those games you play ,exept for being "only" 100hours of SP gameplay per proffession. the fact is that the More expensive developers make for gamers to play their games the worse will be for the majority of the gaming community to support a wider variety of games. But nothing in this discussion will change anything ,neither you will understand .The destiny of many good games that could have been awesomes Online FPS games or RPGS with non-stop support from the MOd community ( that still today support 7years old games), will have the same well deserved destiny of Planetsite and others that noone plays anymore and that only a very small minority of the community enjoyed , for trying to compete with the bigger ones.

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