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Default Re: Nvidia drivers Problem

I got it working with 7.0-CURRENT as well. You have two posibilities. Either to use NVidia AGP (it is really not stable), or you use it with FreeBSD AGP. There is a problem in 7.0-CURRENT, that some structure agp_info has changed, and you get some complains about ai_aperture_va when compiling with FreeBSD's AGP.
Some investigation in 6.0 sources showed, that ai_aperture_va was initialised the same way as ai_aperture_base. I changed in nvidia_subr.c ai_aperture_va to ai_aperture_base, and it got compiled. Until now it looks working with no problems with 3D acceleration etc. Someone who understands FreeBSD's AGP and NVidia driver should verify this.
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