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Default Re: 6800 GO driver programming

Right now, the combination of NVidia and ATI hold almost complete control over the 3D market. Both companies believe that they have the luxury of arrogance, and the luxury of being cavalier in their treatment of their customers. Old story.

Unlike Operating Systems, however, when the time is right, it is not so hard to switch video cards.

NVidia knows that.

Having been the ones who killed the 3DFX competition, NVidia knows that very well, indeed.

Keeping the specs secret is part of a vain attempt to avoid the day of reckoning

NVidia will release their specs. It will be in a few years. But they will. In fact, the driver code will go open-source.

Of course, by then, NVidia will be considered more or less irrelevant, having been out-maneuvered by a more nimble competitor with a less cavalier attitude toward its customers.

I've often noted that Open-Source is where dying companies go to die.

This is not a negative statement against Open Source. Indeed, the phenomenon irks me a bit. The problem is that companies wait too long before making the move, and by that time there is no hope for them. So we see reports of Company X going open source, followed by reports that Company X is dead.

Just open your specs already, NVidia! Get a clue!
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