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Default Re: Any help for a total n00b?


I am new too (christmas) and i have a different comp to you but i figured the poor instructions out somehow so i will fill the gaps to do the yast install of the nvidia driver however on my comp it only gives me the 76.76 version i have the n6200 card

first click on the green icon in the lower left corner
the go to system in the pop up menu
then go to controlcenter (yast)
sign in root it will ask you to
the choose online update
it will do stuff
when its done just click next in lower right corner
it should retrive update
then in the center of the screen click , installable patches and a list pops down
change this to
installable and installed patches
scroll down the list that fills the center box to find the entry with nvidia(r) and tick
just in case it is not properly installed from your past attempts right click the nvidia entry and mark it update
then click accept in lower right corner
when it finnished close and your done
if you have found out how to get the newest 81.78 with yast please tell me stepby step like i have done

hope this haelps

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