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Default Ubuntu won't load X with PCI cards

I have several PIII systems in my churches computer lab running Ubuntu 5.10. They all will install Ubuntu fine with the video chip on the motherboard.
The computers with no AGP slot will stop with a black screen when the X server is switched to, if an nvidia PCI slot card in installed. Every system with an AGP card will display the video.

Because the screen goes black, there is no error message. On one system there is an error message about X not being configured correct, if the system had Ubuntu installed first using the motherboard video and the nvidia card was installed later.

I have three nvidia PCI cards: MX200, MX420, and FX5200. The results are the same on any system with no AGP slot with any of the three cards.

Is there some "how to page" to instruct how to set the X config to read a PCI video card?

Thanks in advance,
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