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Default X message "Failed to set MTRR 0xd8000000, 128M (write-combining)"

Hello, I just got X up and running and noticed upon exiting X, this error message:

"Failed to set MTRR 0xd8000000, 128M (write-combining)"

I also noticed that the (Gentoo) Nvidia guide mentions this issue and says to change the MTTR BIOS setting from continuous to discrete. I checked the BIOS, AwardBIOS, and I don't see any mention of MTTR in it.

When I do:

cat /proc/mtrr

...the 3rd entry does say uncacheable.

The video card is an ASUS V7700TI/32M (nVidia GeForce II TI) and the M/B is an ASUS P3B-F.

Thanks for any help,

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