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Originally Posted by Uraeus
The default setting for hue in Nvidia cards seems to be different from most other X Windows drivers in the sense that the default is not in the middle of the value range.
In my opinion all other X Window drivers have correct hue setting range.

Some players report nvidia crazy hue setting bug and disables hue slider. For example xine. I made a patch for xine which enables hue slider and adds special support for handling crazy nvidia hue setting. This patch is available in xine maillist archives. However patch was very complicated and that is why it was never included in official xine. It would be the best if Nvidia could fix hue range in driver code. Such fix would not be hard to implement. Simply 360/2 = 180 so range would be from -180 to +179 and the hue bug is fixed. It is better to fix one driver than making special support for every linux video application.

Are NVidia aware of this problem?
Yes. I reported this bug long time ago. No reply.
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