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Default Re: nvidia driver and framebuffer coexisting?

Yeah, I already have all those options compiled into the kernel. Here's the line I use in grub.conf:

kernel (hd0,1)/bzImage ro root=/dev/sda5 video=vesafb:ywrap,pmipal,1400x1050-16@85

Further, I get a framebuffer error at the very end of boot which says "Failed to open /dev/fb0 or /dev/fb0 for reading. Can't open /dev/fbsplash" Two things come to mind here - obviously for the first, this should be available much earlier in the boot sequence. Second, obviously if it's not available, then the framebuffer isn't working period.

But going to /dev, I have fbsplash as a c-node, and fb0 which is a symlink to /dev/fb/0, another c-node. For the record...

fb/0 - MAJOR: 29, MINOR: 0
fbsplash - MAJOR 10, MINOR: 63

The grubsplash works.
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