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Default High Temp on BFG 6800GS OC

I just recently bought a BFG 6800GS OC AGP card and ive been keeping close tabs on the temperature and it seems im at a constant idle temp of 58-59 degrees. I have a empty slot next to my video card which gives it plenty of space to air itself out. When im in a game on max load like BF2 I minimize and the ingame temp seems to be from what I have been reading fairly decent however like 68C or so its just the idle temp that seems high since ive been reading it normally runs at around 45-50C. Now although 59 degrees is still within safe range I dont want to lose alot of life on my card, Im planning to keep it at least one year until DX10 comes out and a buy a new one and I want to make sure it lasts at least that long. I also don't feel like investing in a expensive fan or anything really. BTW im using the 83.40 Guru3d drivers.

So basically I just want to know if this is really a problem to worry about the well being of my video card, and also if there is any way to cool it down or fix this or anything.

BTW I also unlocked the extra pipelines and vertex on it but I heard it doesn't really matter for temps plus it was pretty much the same before hand.
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