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Default NV17 YUV no longer supported

I found out with my new 6200 card that there is no support anymore for NV17 YUV output. (Hardware scaling for video).

As you can read elswhere in this forum nVidia moved the video and motion compensation support into the 3D part of the chip. This works fine if you want to play a video in a scaled rectangular box. (at least xine and mplayer recongnize the available video ports correclty and use them)

For my own multi mediaplayer i use irragular shapes and overlays on the video. I used to do this by placing a mask bitmap over the video and use the key colour to determan what part of the video to be overlayed. Unfortanatly i have not found a method to replace this colour keying method using the new system.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to overlay irragular shapes on a video without using a colourkey or know how to enable colour key emulation?

I can switch to ATI but that is not a real solution!
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