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Unhappy DX9 Benchmarking: Important benchies left out

Hello everyone,

Anand compared the R300 to GF4, R250s, ...
That's all very nice but... how fast is it with higher color precision?

Higher color precision is a DX9 feature developers will be able to use very easily. It's also something pretty usefull.
However, each company will likely have a different system for it. Only time will tell if nVidia or ATI got the best system.

Basically, what i'm saying is that you can't judge NV30/R300 performance with 32 bit color. It should be tested with more if you get high FPS anyway - nobody needs 100 FPS, but higher color precision can be very nice.

I'm doing this message for two reasons:
1. I want to make everyone remember current R300 benchies are nice, but we still got no higher color precision number ( and that's important! )
2. I'd like to see sites like Anand do that type of test once they'll get their hands on a R300 and, later, a NV30.

Thanks for reading, and if you got any feedback, feel free to express yourself!

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