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Default Re: 6800 GO driver programming

Originally Posted by mark087
Has anyone ever tried legal action to get specs?
This seems the only optioin now.
Class action against NVidia/ATI for not releasing their specs?

Considering the following

- Being a monopoly-"duopoly"
(no other choices for user willing to buy a performant GPU, especially in the laptop market),

-Both applying the "same" policy about drivers

and remembering what happened to MSoft in USA and EU 'cause their monopolistic behavior (and still going on)

... well it would not be a bad idea, but INAIL ....

Still hoping in xgi and open-source drivers ....

I wander what will happen to the cards half-supported in the Nvidia-legacy drivers in 1 year time.... do we have to throw them away (with the laptop) and buy something new full of TC Fritz(s ) or stick with the nv driver performing like s**t?
We will see...
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