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Default Twin view modeline problems

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to setup twinview on a fx5200 using a CRT and a DFP, each at 1600x1200 resolution. I've been pouring over the forums looking at information about the new drivers and pixel clocks and sure enough my card is detecting 135 MHz for the DVI interface. I decided then to try a couple of modelines:

Modeline "1600x1200dfp" 130.4 1600 1648 1680 1760 1200 1202 1206 1235
ModeLine "1600x1200crt" 220 1600 1616 1808 2080 1200 1204 1207 1244  +HS
and invoked them using:

Option "MetaModes" "CRT-1:1600x1200crt, DFP-0:1600x1200dfp"
The problem I'm having is that unless *both* the crt and the dfp using the 1600x1200dfp mode, the LCD screen will just go into "power saver" mode. This is the same problem I have if I don't specify my own modelines. The 1600x1200crt mode does work on the CRT if I tell DFP-0 to use a 1280x1024 mode, but that is not very optimal.

Anyone have any ideas? I've been working on this for a couple of days.

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