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Default Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!

Hello all,

Been beating my head on the desk for a few days on this one.

I'm running FC4 (kernel 2.6.15-1-1830), trying to install the Nvidia driver (8178, using the installer from for a GeForce 5500.

The installer seems to run fine, but when I try to start X, it crashes with the error: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!

a modprobe nvidia results in the error: Module nvidia_1_0_8178 not found

I ran the nvidia-bug-report script, the output is at:

(this output includes the contents of nvidia-installer.log)

At the suggestion of a friend, I'm recompiling the kernel without framebuffer at the moment, but has anyone seen this before?

I've tried several different modifications to xorg.conf I've found crawling the web, none of which seem to help. I'm just about at my wits end

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