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Smile Re: Kernel oops with two NVS-400 cards -- Success

Well, I manged to get both NVS-400 cards to work, but in a different machine with a newer Intel motherboard. The working setup is:

Kernel: 2.6.9-22.0.2.EL (RedHat/SL errata kernel)
Motherboard: Intel 945GTP (latest bios, 3309 I think)
NVidia Driver: 1.0-8178

I attached the nvidia-bug-report.log for anyone who is interested in all the details. I suspect netlama was correct in suggesting this is a bios issue with the 865 based motherboard, but I have not pursued this with Intel at this time.

I have only had this setup working for a few hours, but I did notice that some applications are very slow to redraw, others seem fine. Firefox, for example, can take several seconds to redraw after a window is dragged over it, while some of our custom applications redraw almost instantly (as expected). During this the X cpu usage goes to almost 100%. Is there some config option I have set incorrectly?

Also, KDE is the window manager if that is relevant.

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