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Default Updating the Linux Kernel

I'm in the process of updating SuSe 9.2, but have omitted the kernel update for the time being, because twice in the past, this update apparently corrupted Grub to the point that it prevented either SuSe or Windows XP from booting and I lost a large amount of data. It would be nice to have the latest kernel, but I'm unwilling to do this again, unless I know how to do this safely. I would rather have the old kernel, than to continue making the same mistake. However, due to other problems, I currently only have SuSe installed and operative, and since this had something to do with Grub, I believe that I can only update now, or never. I vaguely recall past advice, something about copying the original Grub file(s) and kernel, but I'm far too unsure of exactly what to copy and how to use it, to consider proceeding without some detailed instructions. Can anyone help me with this?
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