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Default Display problem with GeForce FX Optima 5700 LE

I have two almost identical Athlon 64 systems (same motherboards and same GeForce FX Optima 5700 LE cards (PNY)) each with 1 gb of memory. One system is running Fedora Core 2 and the other is running Fedora Core 4. The xorg.conf files are identical and include the same HDTV modelines for 1080i HDTV displays (1920x1080 interlaced) via the vga port of the card to the pc vga port of either a pc type monitor or an HDTV monitor with a pc vga input port. The FC4 system has the lates nvidia proprietary driver while the FC2 system has an older version of the driver (from about a year ago). The FC2 sytems displays perfect interlaced 1080i to both a regular pc monitor and the HDTV monitor. The output looks just like that from an HDTV tuner. The FC4 system displays a 1080i ouput but it looks like every other line is missing. It's almost as if something is trying to simulate de-interlacing (like a trick used on some pc capable HDTV monitors but I have obviously turned off on my HDTV monitor). Both FC2 and FC4 systems output the same 960x540p (540p) progressive displays. It's only the interlaced 1080i that looks different and inferior from the FC4 system. xvidtune shows that both systems are using the same modelines for the 1080i. The FC4 5700 card is brand new - but regardless, the same inferior looking display occurs if I plug in an older 5200 card I have into the FC4 system.

Any idea how I can fix the FC4 system? I would really like to use the more up-to-date FC4 system (FC2 recording and HDTV display software are more buggy) but I'm not going to move the FC2 system to FC4 if the display is bad.
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