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Default System freeze with 1.0-8178 2.6.15 on AMD64

I have a Sempron 64, ATI RS480 based machine that I recently installed a GeForce 6200 into. I have 6.9.0 running with the nvidia 1.0-8178 drivers. I have it setup to output to a tv, but this problem occurs if I output to a CRT instead. The system is debian-amd64 stable, with sarge-backports xorg 6.9.0 and nvidia packages, and a custom built kernel.

X will run for a while, and seem to work fine, and then the system will freeze completely, so that it does not respond to the network or the keyboard. The attached nvidia-bug-report.log file is from the running system.

Before installing the nvidia card, the system was stable, and never froze.

The computer and video card both have the BIOS they came with, and no newer ones are available.

The computer will primarily be used to play movies to the tv. Everything runs smoothly and trouble free until the machine freezes. It will freeze after 1-40 minutes of video playback. It will also freeze instantly if I try to run glxgears.

Sometimes it has also frozen while starting X and displaying the Nvidia logo. I am currently letting X run while I do nothing, to see if it will freeze while simply sitting with a blank screen.

I have tried the following things, with no change in behavior: booting with noapic, removing the glx module from xorg.conf, displaying to a monitor instead of the tv, using the nvidia installer (and patches from here) instead of the debian packages, disabling cpufreq, and using a 32-bit instead of 64-bit OS. I have not tried the card under Windows, as it is not installed.

I also tried to fall back to 1.0-7174 (what is provided in debian stable), but that freezes the computer immediately upon starting X. I was using the patches from this message board.

I'm happy to provide any additional information or try any suggestions.
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