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Default Re: What means width too large for virtual size

Originally Posted by netllama
For now, please set UseEDIDFreqs to false, and broaden the vrefresh range in your X configuration, and see if that allows you to use the tosh1080i-60ST modeline.

OK, by extending vertRefresh to 15.0 - 120.0 Hz the 1080i modelines got accepted. I tried all variations with the following results:

tosh1080i-60 -> resolution 1920x540(!) 120Hz (!), image stretched
tosh1080i-60ST -> resolution 1920x540(!) 120Hz (!), image stretched
tosh1080i-50 -> resolution 1920x1080 50Hz, image OK
tosh1080i-50ST -> resolution 1920x1080 50Hz, image OK
ATSC-1080-60i -> resolution 1920x1080 60Hz, image OK
ATSC-1080-59.94i -> resolution 1920x1080 ~60Hz, image OK

The image was allways overscanned on all sides. When trying to play a video at this resolution using mplayer always results in X consuming 100% CPU and no picture is shown. But this is probably another mather.

I guess there is some problem with calculating modelines and the refresh rates.

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