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Default Re: Twin view modeline problems

According to the EDID in your DFP, it requires a 162Mhz pixelclock to run at its native 1600x1200 resolution. Your videocard is only capable of driving it at a 135Mhz pixelclock. In other words, you cannot drive the DFP at its EDID specific 1600x1200 mode in your current setup.

Is your DFP plugged into the primary or secondary CRT controller? Have you tried swapping them?

I have a few questions/comments:
0) Why are you using the NoPowerConnectorCheck and Coolbits options?
1) According to the EDID in your DFP, it has the following:
(--) NVIDIA(0): Valid HSync Range : 31kHz - 80kHz
(--) NVIDIA(0): Valid VRefresh Range : 56Hz - 76Hz

yet, your X configuration is specifying a slightly different/smaller range.

2) Where did you obtain the 1600x1200dfp modeline that you specified in your X configuration? It is significantly different than the native mode in the EDID for the DFP.

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