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Default Re: Need explanation of options for NVIDIA driver install

Thanks for the speedy response. Very well done. I'm just a casual garden variety user of Linux (since RH 5.2), so I just issue the commands given in instructions unless I have problems. The instructions that suggested ./ did not say to chmod, and therefore I didn't issue that command first. I've now learned a few more things. I got it running under 1830 without a hitch. I see some others are having extreme problems with certain things relating to 1830 and nvidia drivers and certain modules. Haven't had any of that yet

Thanks again

This morning, 8 Feb 06, there is a new kernel and with the info above on --advanced-options I let yum update the kernel then logged out and rebooted the new kernel and logged in as root but did not issue startx. Using the -K option I ran sh -K -a and only made a kernel module so that I could boot into 1830 or 1831 and have the NVIDIA driver. Now I'm off to pay Quake4. This is slick!!!

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