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Default Screen enters power saving mode on startx with 2.6.x kernel

Using the 2.6.x kernel on any distro as soon as I install the Nvidia drivers (and all seems fine) I start X and then the screen turns itself into power saving mode (no message saying out of sync)

Everything else works fine, sounds come out, i can even log in using keyboard short cuts etc... I just can't see anything.

Works fine under windows or 2.4 kernel

My card is an Asus V8460 / TD
My monitor is a 19" CTX VL950 or something like that (if you need the model number i can double check it)

I'm hoping that this is a common problem and I'm just being a noob. But I'm sure you can understand how frustrating this is.

Can't see anything particularly obvious in the log, I get told it is too long to post on here :-S

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