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Default Re: List of FREE or no monthly fee MMORPG games

Originally Posted by superklye
Jesus, do we have to be that picky about it? Just because every time you leave a city is an instance doesn't mean it isn't an MMO. There are thousands of people on at any given time and you can meet up with them if they're on at the same time you are...isn't that essentially what an MMO is?
If that was the case then Diablo 2 and every Online FPS is a MMO since they all mostly have a chat and central server. Just because you can meet a massive amount of people online doesnt make it massive, what seperates EQ2. WoW and all other true MMORPGs from GW is that you can actually meet a massive amount of people at the same time, theres no real limitation to the amount of people that an area can have. Ever EQ2 that goes by instancing doesnt impose the limit, it just recommends you play on an instance with fewer people but during my time playing you were able to join instances with over 150 poeple.
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