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another one ,about the diference in imagequality
between the NV20/R200 (old 32bits color) in
-> Doom3 versus the Extra FP pixel shaders precision of NV30(32/64/128bits) and R300 (32/96bits) .

Reverend: " What about the difference between NV30+NV30-path and R300+R200-path in terms of performance and quality?"

Jcarmack: "Very close. The quality differences on the ARB2 path are really not all that significant, most people won't be able to tell the difference without having it pointed out to them."
so thats why i think that if even "most people" will not be able to notice the diference in image quality
between NV20/r200 in 32bits vs R300 in 96bits.
the FP16 (64bits) of the NV30 will be more than
enough for ->Doom3.

in fact i believe that most people that cannot notice this diference will run the Geforcefx and the Radeon9700pro in the NV20/r200 path just to increase the performance
of the already slow performance of Doom3.

FP color precision will be more usefull in
future games..
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