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Default Expertool and GF 6800GT Golden Sample

I have a Gainward U/2400 GF6800GT Golden Sample - expertool has always worked fine with all the menus working. Earlier this week my gfx card went faulty, just one of those things, and I sent it back to the place of purchase and was sent a replacement. When ive put the replacement in it works fine but im now not getting an enhanced mode button in expertool - its as though it isnt recognising the card as a golden sample - although im certain it is a GS. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling expertool, including the version off the CD and the latest version off the web site, also tried removing and reinstalling the gfx card drivers ( 81.98 ) all to no avail.
Does anyone have any ideas on this? Is there a special way I need to remove expertool before reinstalling it? I have just been using add / remove programs.

Thanks for any help. System specs are below if needed.

Intel P4 3.2GHZ / 800MHZ FSB
Abit IS7-E ( Intel 865pe )
2GB Corsair TwinX Pro Dual DDR400 ( 2 x 1 GB )
Gainward U/2400 GF6800 GT Golden Sample
Creative Labs SB Audigy
40GB Samsung IDE
80GB Western Digital IDE 7200rpm 8MB
160GB Samsung SATA
Windows XP Home
DX 9c
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