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Default Re: Asus A8N-VM (CSM) - new BIOS 0610 released, still no ACPI fix

Originally Posted by zbiggy
Bios 0702 is still broken. Nothing was done to fix DSDT.
Bad news, even if didn't espect too much from this BIOS version...

If you have patched kernel you can still check if DSDT table is broken.
Simply open /proc/acpi/dsdt in any hex editor and go to 0x1d15 offset. If value is 02 the DSDT is still broken (the value should be 53). This check works if you use patch which accepts bad characters in table.
Thx for the tip...I don't have to unpatch and recompile ;-)

This was my first and last Asus mainboard I bought. I will continue to send ACPI bug complains to Asus till they fix it, but will avoid Asus products in the future shopping. No more Asus. Never again.
Same for me ...
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