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Default F.E.A.R on my 6600gt

Well I was having a studdering problem on with fear that vanished onced I upgraded from 512mb to 1.5gb ram. I'm happy I did that but my fps are still a little low on my BFG 6600GT. I was going to return my 6600gt for a 6800gs (AGP) but I am wondering if it will even make a difference seeing as I'm running a Celeron D 2.8gig (256k cache one) ? I know my processor is probably holding back even the 6600gt so is it going to make any difference upgrading to the 6800gs? My settings for fear:


2xAF no-AA
Effects Detail - MAX
Model Detail - MAX
Water Resolution - MAX
Reflections & Displays - MAX
Volumetric Lights - ON
Volumetric Light Density - MED

Light Detail - MAX
Enable Shadows - ON
Soft Shadows - OFF
Texture Resolution - MED
Videos - MAX
Pixel Doubling - OFF
DX8 Shaders - OFF
Shaders - MAX

I get about 30-40fps on average, but if there is alot of action going on it can drop to 20-25. My 6600GT oc to 575/1.1 but I havn't tried fear yet with the oc. I can take the 6600gt back and get the 6800gs the store owner said he is cool with that but I'm just not sure I'll even see a difference or no?
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