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Default Re: 6600 Gaming problem :-(

Well I have the nearly same system and I upgraded to an Asus N6600 with 512Mb DDR 400Mhz Kingston and had random crashes in latest games , and it took me around a week to figure out my problem .

Total System :

Athlon XP 2000+
(Spektek) 256MB DDR 266Mhz + ( Kingston ) 512MB DDR 400Mhz
Gigabyte GA-7VKML-p ( VIA + AGP 4x)
300Watt PSU

Now I thought the crashes were related to memory , I tried taking out one stick at a time but crashes were still there . I changed VIA drivers , changed GPU drivers but still the problems were there . I thought it was heating up of my CPU since the idling temperatures were 49 degrees but nope the temperatures didn't even touch 55 and before that the games crashed . I was very confused thought about RMA but just day before yesterday I increased processor Voltage and WHOELAA , it worked . Prime 95 was stable , HL-2 ands Quake 4 ran fine .

Anyway my GPU idles at 31 / 37 which is quite lower than your GPU . I think you have a temperature problem .

Also I remember my cousin had such problems in games and the problem was the drivers of his chipset were conflicting with the GPU drivers , so uninstall them too and then see .

I have also have a friend who had the same GPU and sound card as you and the problem was his sound card drivers conflicting with the GPU drivers ( but his games were crashing not showing artifacts ) .

Try all of this , I hope it helps but I think your temperatures are quite high . Try opening one case side and install some fans , it should lower the temperatue bu 5 or 10 degrees .
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