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Default Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

Thanks for taking the time to run that test. It gave me the motivation to try things again.

I had previously been running with Xorg 6.9.0 sarge-backport, so I completely pulled that out and went back to the standard Debian stable XFree86 4.3.0 with kernel I then removed all of the Debian Nvidia packages and used the standard Nvidia installer to to get things running.

I then ran two glxgears for an hour, with no problems, and then the skyrocket opengl screensaver for another hour with no problems. Then I went on to the true test, playing videos. I started a loop of video to run all night, but the machine crashed within 20 minutes of starting the video. Now, 2.5 hours was the longest I'd ever been able to run X on the Nvidia card before the machine locked, but it still isn't stable.

Just to confirm that the machine is otherwise stable, I pulled out the Nvidia card and am displaying videos using the builtin ATI Xpress 200 controller, displaying to a monitor. So far it has gone for 2 hours with no problem.

I do appreciate the help you've given me, but if you have a chance, can you run the RS480/Nvidia test for a longer period of time?

I am completely willing to accept that it is something about my environment causing the problems---a defective motherboard, a defective video card, or the oddball socket 939 Sempron 64 that Compaq put in this computer (a Presario sr1710nx) that is causing the problem.
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