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Default Mandrake 8.0 and Geforce4 MX 440

When I try to install the kernel module using the tarbals i receive the error "wrong compiler version - your compiler version is different from the one used to build the kernel, please set the IGNORE_CC_SOMEWHAT".

My question is how to set that flag IGNORE_CC_SOMEWHAT? Or how to change my compiler version to the one that compiled the kernel? Thanks

I've already tried the rpms and it installed fine and I edited my XFreeConfig file, but I haven't any section in that file saying "nv" (that should be updated to "nvidia"). Note: I've tried several XFreeConfig files. All those files were referenced in the readme.txt.

So my second question is "In which section of the XFreeConfig file is the line with the word "nv" or in which more files should I search that word"?
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