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Default Re: 5900 flash to 5950?

What I'm stumped on is this:

I've always wanted to flash the VGA bios on my 5950U. Mine is the ASUS V9980Ultra, the SECOND revision- which in my opinion never should have been released.

Anyways, I hear about how the e-VGA and BFG bios for the 5950Ultra's were the better ones. This might be true and nice and all, but WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE BIOS? I've looked every where I can think to look, but no where do I see anything about a BFG or eVGA bios. Is it even a download? Or what?

And, yes Jimmor, I've read your guide to flashing the 5950U bios. I'm just stumped on where the new bios comes from. Does it work ANYTHING like flashing the mobo bios? Or am I thinking about this whole thing the wrong way?
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