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Default Re: 5900 flash to 5950?

I flashed my Albatron 5900nu to a 5950 using an Albatron 5950 bios and following Jimmor's instructions. Worked perfect! Big boost in performance! Its in my sisters computer now and has been running fine as a 5950 for the past 2 years

Jimmor is the expert at doing things like this. Follow his guide lines and you'll be fine. I even used the info Jimmor posted to tweak the memory latency setting in the 5950 bios to get even more performance out of it

The 5900nu, and 5900 series in general, were much better video cards than most people thought IMO. We have 2 Athlon XP computers running 5900 series cards, and both run Doom3 fine @ 1024 x 768 on high
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