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Default Dark age of camelot problem

I built two systems for my cousins to play this game but i log into server and then it says loading and the system freezes.

Toast works fine, doom3 works great, does everything else fine...(inet, office...) Have newest vga drivers, all winxp updates...i swapped mobo just to change...Help !


Xp Pro Sp2
1 gig kingston ddr2 valueram
msi k8n neo mobo
a64 3200+ 939
80gb sata WD hdd
400w allied power supply
evga 6600gt pcix
p4 3.0 with 8ik1100, 1gig corsair 433 xms,6600 GT,enermax 460w, Silverstone lc03 black, logitech z-680, Samsung 910t, audigy 2,liteon external 8dvdrw,WD SATA 120gb, 36g raptor,DVD Xpress,nostromo n52,mx1000 . all powered by your mom!!!

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