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Default Re: Will 3dmark 03 ever become popular?

Originally posted by Cotita
I think the reason why 3dmark 2001 became so popular is because of its MAX-FX engine. People tought there were going to be several games based ot that engine, unfortunately only Max-Payne used it.
Hmmm... Well... so far my Geforce 3 Ti500 still runs games well... and since there are no DX9 games out... I have no reason to upgrade to a DX9 card, OR Benchmark.

While it's true I got 3DMark2001 before my Geforce 3... it was more or less to compare the scores for after I bought my Geforce 3 vs my Geforce 2 GTS. My point is, it had nothing to do with Max Payne... matter of fact... I think that game is a POS.

As for 3DMark2003... I prolly won't download it until just before I'm ready to buy a DX9 Card.... but I *Will get it, eventually* (Prolly NV35, R350, or NV40 is when I'll upgrade)


I've pretty much changed my "Video Card Upgrade Strategy"... I used to buy 'Top o' the line' every 14-18 months. Now... I'm just gonna buy "Budget" of DX(?) games that are out.

For example... by the time there are an *abundance* of DX9 games out... the "budget DX9 card" should prolly be within the NV40-NV45 area, which will be a buttload faster than my Ti500.

I'm getting really sick of spending $300+ a pop for video card.... then a couple months later something comes out that beats the pants off it for less money (Ti4200)

I mean... who the hell NEEDS 300FPS in current games???


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