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Default Re: Re: Re: Will 3dmark 03 ever become popular?

Originally posted by StealthHawk
no one...but the boon of upgrading for the past few years has been that newer cards allowed you to use features like FSAA and AF at a higher framerate than previous cards

with all the new cards coming out there will definitely be some price shuffling.
Yeah... I turn on FSAA and AF for older games that my rig / card can still handle without stuttering... newer games without FSAA and AF doesn't bother me much, cuz I know eventually I'll have a card that can play em with FSAA and AF on. As long as the DX8 stuff works without stutter, I'm happy. When the DX9 games come out... I'll pretty much feel the same way with a DX9 card.


EDIT: And I don't play over 1024x768 on a 17" monitor. If I had a larger monitor, I'd prolly play higher resolutions... but on a 17"... 1024x768 suits me fine. /shrug
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