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Default 6800GT constantly crashes games

I recently built my media center pc with my old Galaxy 6800GT and an Asus K8V-SE with a 3400 athlon64. Any directx game I play will crash randomly and within about 30 mins of playing, the strange thing is that it doesnt always crash when actually playing the game, it will crash when sitting idle in a game menu or when switching between menus. 3dmark03 can run for hours on end to. The system memory has been tested with memtest and is fine, Ive even swapped out the mobo for a brand new ULI chipset and its the same deal. Upgraded DirectX to latest version and reinstalled MCE 2005 twice.Forced fastwrites off and experimented with agp aperture and it still crashes.

I now suspect the card to be faulty and ive posted some screenies of the screen below when it crashes. I dont always see something on the screen but 50% of the time I see what Ive posted below , when this happens I can usually hear sounds looping. amongst other things ive tried is underclocking , set agp to x4 and experimented with dif Bios's, tried numerous drivers, applied artic silver to the core with the artic cooler. I hope someone can say that they have seen the same thing below and put an end to my misery
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