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Default Re: Updating the Linux Kernel

Originally Posted by gnutux
You should upgrade the whole system to 10.0 because there are less bugs and problems with the newer versions.

I've been upgrading since 9.0 (I started Linux with Linspire 4.5 --> Mandriva 9.2 --> SuSE 9.0)

*--> = then*

I have never experienced a GRUB error when upgrading JUST the kernel. Furthermore, the Linux kernel 2.6.13 is not broken as 2.6.8 was a bit.

I have SuSe 10.0, but have stayed away from it, because of some remarks that others have made about it. Plus, the one time that I did try to install it, the entire system was inoperative. This was probably due to something that I did wrong, but I tend to stay with whatever works. I'm am curious about your statement about the 2.6.8 kernel being broken though, what was wrong?
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