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Default Re: 6600 256MB vs. 6600GT 128MB

Well, after some problems with ordering my card online (not in stock...didn't want to wait, so canceled the order), I ended up heading to the mainland and getting an ELSA Gladiac 6600GT.

I installed it and got the latest forceware drivers working. It seems to be doing OK.

However, while at the store, I noticed an ASUS 6800GS for cheaper. Since I had contented myself on buying a GT, I bought the GT. However, I just noticed a thread saying that it would be better to get the 6800GS. I can return the card, if I want to. Would it be better to return the 6600GT for the 6800GS?

I always hate buying things at stores, cause you can't check out the interent before making your final decision. And, as I stated before, I'm a horrible consumer.

Thanks again to everyone for their input.

EDITED to add a couple questions: how easy is it to unlock the extra pipelines, and overclock the card (to bring it on par with a 6800GT)? And is it worth it in regards to my stated gaming habits vs. the wear and tear on the card?

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