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I have switched over to Linux about a year ago, and 4 months after that gone totally cold-turkey by deleting my dual-boot Windows XP.

I just had enough of the teletubby-stupid-user-attitude of Windows, and its annoying quirks, bugs, crashes, trojans, etc. etc. and switched to Suse 9.1 (at that time). Let me say the first 2 months were really really bad. I was completely lost didn't know what to do, the console and manually editing with vi (GWER@#$!@#$!@) made me sick; the usual. But after that it just got better and better, I even have become to love vi and am pretty comfortable with my Suse install (9.3 by now).

All is not well though. Annoying Nvidia Xid crashes still bug me (although less nowadays), and overall X-responsiveness really seems slower than on windows. My favourite browser Opera certainly is. I also started missing my good old programs like Photoshop (do not even dare say Gimp or I'll rip your head off ) and Visual Studio. Sure I found replacements such as KDevelop, "emulating" through Wine, but it's not the same and doesn't give me the same functionality.
Recently I've started hijacking my father's laptop with WindowsXP and do almost all the work there. My Linux install has mostly become a file/web-server and SSH box, which it is great at. And it's not even that slow a PC, 1.3GHz with 1GB of RAM. But it's not the same. Perhaps the difference is that the laptop is a newer generation and runs faster, but I just miss the old'e windows programs and as such am even thinking of switching back. A shame though since I've come to love Linux, but unfortunately to me it seems it is not ready for real home-desktop usage. Mostly little annoyances. I might reswitch in another year because I'm sure Windows will get on my nerves again and the change then will be a lot easier that time, but I guess I'm just "homesick".

I love linux though. Samba rox, mplayer is just awesome tv-out is much better than on windows (no jerky picture, although rebooting X-server to get Twinview is really annoying), SSH, Apache, ReiserFS, but the graphical part....ayy; and let's not even speak about games

I'll definitely switch back to Linux when Vista comes out and XP stops getting supported. I'll never go the DRM way. So people you have a few years to polish up the OS for usage :P
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