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Default Re: 6800GT constantly crashes games


Has anyone never seen this kind of crash screen before? Im trying my best to troubleshoot this. Ive had 3dmark06 running at high settings for over 14 hours now looping and it hasnt crashed, although it can crash within 30 mins of it in other times. Games will also crash out normally much sooner anytime between 5-60 mins.

Ive used a program called microscope that tests the cards memory from a boot cd and it passes but the tests screens I see when its testing the cards memory look almost identical to the crash screens Ive posted above. Cant figure it out.

Ive spoke to the company I bought it from and they said if they cant reproduce a crash while running 3dmark in a 24 hour loop then I cant have a replacement. Looks like i may be stuck with this wonky card
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