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Default very high temps suddenly with 6800GT

Hi everyone,

I'm not seeing any artifacts in games, but since a week I suddenly experience very high temps with my 6800 GT.. wich surprised me.

It idles at 54 degrease, but when recording the temps with rivatuner while load, it peaks at 98 degrease :\ (this was while playing F.e.a.r.)
Normally it would idle at 54 degrease, but peak at 78 degrease or something at highest while playing games.

My ambient temperature idles at 37 degrease right now, and when my temps go into the 90's, my ambient temperature is around 53-55 degrease.. is that a problem?

I just opened my case to see if the temp would still be that high, and now it had gotten into 90 degrease already when playing fear..

I think this is a little bit too hot..since it's obvious that air-flow it's not the problem - the temps get that high while the case is opened also. It's very cold in my room atm, so the temps in my room can't be causing any problems.
Cpu and mobo temps are fine.. (recorded with asus probe).

I wonder what could be causing it.
Is it possible that there might be some dust that has been gathered under my videocard-fan or something?

Thanks in advance.

My system:

2.8 ghz 800 fsb
XFX 6800 GT everything@stock , using 81.98 drivers. -- (is it a known driver issue?)
2x512 pc-3200 twinmos dual-channel.
Antec true-power 480 W.

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