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Default Re: Error parsing configuration file (nvidia-settings)

Yes, in my previous post I provided a link to the thread in which the patch was provided. Here it is again:

The patch is provided with the second post in that thread. I was getting a segmentation fault when I tried running nvidia-settings, so I searched here, found that thread, applied the patch, and no longer got a seg fault.

The parsing problem occurs with patched and non-patched versions. if I delete the rc file, the problem persists. Sometimes, although I can't seem to reproduce it regularly, if I add a few blank lines to the end of the rc file, save it, and then run the nvidia-settings program, I don't get any parsing error. But the next time I run it I will get a parsing error.

I found another thread where a user had this same problem, so it's not just me. S/he uses SUSE, I use Zenwalk, so it's not a distribution-specific thing.
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