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Default Advice on DFP selection

Greetings all.

Im new here and I have searched through the forums looking for information. There is quite a bit of knowledge around here and thats great! I need to call upon the Linux users to help me.
I am looking to upgrade to an LCD monitor. I use this machine for the following:

General internet/email
Movies - HD and widescreen
Light, very light game playing (ie. TORCS)
Moderate graphics work
Music - which doesnt apply here

I use the folowing video card:
Albatron 6600LEQ PCI-E 256Mb Passive cooling

I have not been able to find adequate specs on this card relative to pixel clock and DVI max resolution.
So, for starters, what are the capabilities of the video card ?
Then, what are some recommendations for a Wide Screen DFP?

I hope I posted this in the right area. If not, would a mod please move it to the correct forum.

Thank you in advance to all that can help me out.


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