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I would suggest that if you want to seriously continue playing games on your computer then don't switch to linux. Getting things to run, and run well can be very diffictult sometimes. Don't expect to just be able to plop your cd's in and go.

Currently I have a laptop that only runs on ubuntu. It took some time to get the built in broadcom wireless chipset to work but now that I've figured it out I'm not switching it back to windows. It's free, pretty user friendly, and I would never try to play games on the integrated ati345m chipset anyways so that's not a problem.

My main rig has windows media center, and I don't forsee a change in that any time in the near future simply because it is far more simple to integrate into my home network (xbox360, ect) than a linux server.

Good luck with linux. I guess my point is, if your trying to switch over for the first time AND keep playing all your games, I think most everyone is right in that you'll probably be back to windows pretty quick. However, If your switching over for pretty much anything else, you should be just fine.
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